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  • Russian Heritage Association invites You and all other volunteers to the early-summer BBQ party, which will be held on June 12, 12:30, at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park at site 8.(
    BBQ, drinks (non-aloholic:-)) and some appetizers will be provided.
    Feel free to bring anything else, as well as your family and friends for this warm meeting of Festival volunteers.
    You will have chance to try samples of new “Pirozhki”, which will be sold in our tent this year and to vote for the best type of filling for these treats.
    And once again, bring your friends and family, your favorite games and have a nice day!
  • March, 2010
    • The meeting about improvement ideas in Arts and Crafts section was held. Arts and crafts on the web site will be updated soon with what is happening and who can help.
    • RCAA is supporting Russian Pavillion by giving a cheque with $2000 raised by their organisation and by participating in the effort to improve how Russia represents itself at the Heritage Festival. We are glad to work together!
  • January – March, 2010
    • Once again the application for participation in the festival was submitted. This year two tents will represent Russian Federation.
  • May 25, 2008
    • Russian Arts Festival – Russian School of Classical Dance is invited to perform at the event organized by Edmonton Russian Recreational Club.
  • September 27, 2008
    • Appreciation BBQ partyDear volunteers! We would like to thank you all for your help and support, which you have given to the Russian Pavilion during the last and the previous Heritage Festivals! Only thanks to your great effort the success of the Russian Pavilion became truly possible. To celebrate the success of the Russian Pavilion during the second festival, to have a chance to express our gratitude to all who contributed to this success, and simply to have a chance to get together again, we would like to invite everybody to the appreciation BBQ party, which will take place in Kinsmen park on Saturday, September 27 at 12AM (weather permitting). Both participants of the last and the previous festivals are welcome! Please invite your families and friends! Nice Fall views and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.
  • August 7, 2008
    • Congratulations to everyone participating and volunteering – Russian pavilion was up and running for the second year in a row. Thank you to all participants! Board of directors is recovering. We are still finishing financial part. Soon we will post updates and pictures about 2008 year festival.
  • June 27, 2008
    • The Servus Heritage Festival will now be selling food tickets at an additional location! Servus Credit Union Branches will be selling advanced food tickets starting July 7th until August 1st.Tickets will be sold at the following Branches: 107th Avenue, Devon, Morinville, Spruce Grove, City Centre, Fort Saskatchewan, Namao Centre, St. Albert, Beverly, Gibbons, Palisades, Stony Plain, Bonnie Doon, Inglecroft, Petroleum Plaza, Terwillegar Heights, Callingwood, Kingsway Banking Centre, Safecu, Westgate, Capilano, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Delton, Clearwater, Manning, Southgate and Millwoods.Food tickets are also available through: Save On Foods & TIX on the Square in full sheets of 30. Tickets will also be sold during the Festival throughout the Park at designated food ticket booths.Individual tickets $1.00 / ticket; or $5.00 for 6 tickets; $10.00 for 12 tickets; $15.00 for 18 tickets; $20.00 for 24 tickets; and so forth.
  • January 2008:
    • The application for the participation in 2008 was submitted, fees are paid, and Russian pavilion for the second year is a “GO!” The big difference this year is that we don’t have a vendor for Arts and Crafts. We are looking for any person, business that will be willing to sell Russian souvenirs or other authentic items. Please contact Kate (264-1680).
  • December 2007:
    • The New Year is approaching. Our association seems to be really quiet. But don’t be fooled, we are like an ocean before the storm. The application for the participation in the Heritage Festival 2008 will be submitted by January 14 and we need you keep an eye on the updates starting then. We need your support and participation in 2008 as much as we did in the year 2007. Right now there might be something you can help us before then. We are looking for more active members for our association. If you don’t mind keeping closer contact with us, meeting for couple hours a month and take on the few tasks from time to time then please contact Svetlana or Kirill and we will be glad to invite you to join us!
  • November 2007:
    • Volunteer Appreciation Part Russian Heritage Association would like to invite it’s volunteers that had given their time at the Russian Pavilion at the Heritage Festival of 2007 to the Volunteer Appreciation party that will be held on November 3 at 8535-182 Street at 4PM. Volunteers will receive certificates and special gift at the party. Please bring your friends, family, and everybody who wants to have a good time! If you haven’t volunteered, but like to participate in the festival next year, or just want to meet us you are welcome as well! Program will include entertainment of Russian Pavilion of 2007, slideshow of pictures from festival, potluck food, pop/alcohol drinks for sale, coffee/tea and great time with friends for free!
  • September 2007:
    • BBQ picnic We would like to invite you to a pot luck / BBQ picnic at Emily Murphy park of Edmonton on Saturday, September 1, 2007 at 12 pm. Let us use this opportunity to meet together again after the Heritage Festival Days are over. Please bring your favorite food, drinks, and also sport equipment (such as badminton rackets, or soccer balls) to enjoy the first day of the long weekend. Few pictures of the picnic can be viewed here.
  • August 2007:
    • Heritage Festival of 2007 finally happened with Russian pavilion for the first time in history! It wouldn’t be possible without a great support of so many volunteers! Awesome job everybody and thanks again!
  • July 2007:
    • With a great help of Sasha Andrushkevich the plumbing system of our pavilion kitchen was successfully put together! Thanks to Sasha for his knowledge and time!
    • Last minutes arrangements are being done to make sure our pavilion has volunteers for all the days. Please see How to get involved for the latest update on the schedule openings.
    • Shopping is continuing and BIG thanks to the people who believe in the success of our pavilion and invest their money and time together with us!
    • The entertainment program is growing as Russian speaking Edmonton community is willing to participate in the festival. Thanks to everybody who is stepping forward! We hope to update our entertainment section with the details when the program is finalized. Please check it out at the festival. There will be dancing, singing, and playing on musical instruments!
  • June 2007:
    • Our website has an official web administrator Vitaliy and the first thing he improved is site speed! We have better hosting now! (Thanks Vitaliy!)
    • The decorations for the pavilion are done. Thanks to Anna, Kirill, Svetlana, Zhenya, Natasha, Lyuda, Gulnara for painting Matreshkas (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3) and country name for the pavilion.
    • Our organization has a logo now. Thanks to Anna, Iana, Beatriz and Sveta!
    • Iana used her creative side and put together a fancy food recipe brochure. Please check it out: Page 1,Page 2. If somebody feels inspired to help with selling it at the pavilion, we need a sponsor to make copies of brochure (investments to be returned).
    • Beatriz is working on putting the posters together to decorate the wall of the tent (Thanks Beatriz!). And the following people either did or still doing research for the material that goes on the posters: Russians in Canada – Vadim Russian Tea Traditions – Kate St. Petersburg – Sergey About Dagestan – Zaira Quick Facts about Russia – Vitaliy Gzhel – Lyuda Moscow – Zoya
    • Menu/food pictures are taken by Oleksandr Bronitskyy (Thanks Sasha!)
  • May 2007:
    • Website is open to keep our supporters updated with the news.
    • Contract with Deli by Design is signed and they are our offical food providers.
    • Fridge is donated for the pavilion. (Thanks Genya!)
  • April 2007: Sink is purchased for the kitchen. Matreshka decoration is in progress; menu and food brochure are started to be worked on.
  • March 2007: Freezer is donated to our organization (Thanks Julia!)
  • February 2007: With the help of Elena’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and volunteers from our association over $900 raised. Thanks to everybody who helped us! -Russian Edmonton and Maslenitsa raised $180 to help our organization.
  • January 2007: Thanks to Kirill’s friends, the last $150 to cover the expenses of $1540 for the Heritage Festival application are found, and the payment for the tent and fees are paid together with submitted official application.
  • November 2006: Thanks to Russian-Canadian Association of Alberta and personal donations where over $600 were collected.
  • September 2006: Thanks to Russian Edmonton Club and personal donations where over $300 are collected.
  • August 2006: Group of volunteers participated at the Heritage Festival of 2006 selling food tickets and raised first $500 dollars that goes into the association account. Thanks to everybody who helped us!
  • July, 2006: Group of five got together and created the association with the purpose to get the pavilion in a year; one of the reasons for the new association is to join any other associations of Edmonton and individuals for the same purpose.