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Arts and Crafts

This year in the Arts and Crafts section we will try few new things and need your help.  From the last years experience we learned that we need a change in 2010.  Pavilion needs something more interesting then just posters and souvenirs.  We want to give our visitors a welcoming feeling of Russia.  As an improvement we need guides that can answer questions about Russia when visitors want to know something extra than what posters say.  Also, we are looking for actors to stage little scenarios for the visitors of the pavilions.  If you like to entertain crowds, or want to practice your acting abilities let us know. 

 Attention musicians: it will be great if you can bring your musical intruments (guitar, balalayka, accordion, etc.) and play in our Arts and Crafts section to keep visitors in a festive mood.

We are still in process of looking for the souvenirs’ seller.  If you have suggestions or someone in your mind, please contact us.  Variety of products and affordability is what we are looking for.

Other idea we have is to have an exhibition of unique things from Russia and about Russia.  If you have items that we can borrow please contact us.

If you think you have a good idea  or just want to help us making our ideas come true, do not hesitate and contact us.  This year director is Bia, her contact is